Grassroots Twitter Girl — Creating a “grassroots” film campaign

I’ve been hanging out at the set of the film Grassroots as their Twitter girl. It’s been a lot of fun. Because it is an independent film, Grassroots is on a low budget for marketing.

However, they have an amazing list of stars that could help this campaign get off the ground. Just for the sake of namedropping, I’ll list them: Joel David Moore, Jason Biggs, Cedric the Entertainer, Tom Arnold, Emily Bergl, Codie Smulders, Christopher McDonald and Todd Stashwick.

Since starting this gig, I’ve met Jason Biggs (who is one of the sweetest guys ever!) and Cedric the Entertainer (He danced with me — sort of). I’ve yet to meet Joel, but I’ve seen him in person and… well, wow! Currently, I’m working on creating contests. I can’t disclose them quite yet, but they’re gonna be awesome!

So keep your eyes on Grassroots, everyone. We’re going to take off!

Too many blogs, too little time…

Lucky for me, however, some free time just opened up! I am now up to 7 blogs. Yes, I am spreading myself a little thin, but I’ll tell you why I do this — each blog has a different personality. A different part of my life that I want to get across. I did not have enough time before to continue with all of them, but I am hoping that I will  now.

This is a social blog to me — my fun blog, my let down my hair blog! The blog that I use to discuss my late night outings and food cravings.

Should I put all this information in one blog and just categorize it?  I have so many interests and am so excited about everything, that its best for me to blog in all areas.

Here are some updates about the creators of this blog:

  • Katana’s married! I was her maid of honor  — I enjoyed every minute of it. She was so beautiful in her wedding dress.
  • I’m still trying to get into advertising — I’m focusing on PR and Social Media.
  • I am now addicted to Caffeine, Social Media, and Pop Culture
  • I have started closely following the movements of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Perez Hilton, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and The Twilight Cast (sad but true!).
  • I have realized TV is not as bad as I thought it was — My current favorites are Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Dollhouse.

More to come later, but that’s me in a nutshell at the moment!


Katana WON 2 categories at the New England Urban Music Award! She won Best Spoken Word Album AND Best Spoken Word Artist! How do you like that for a young girl from Hawaii!! Woot! Grammy’s here we come!!!!


Katana, an outspoken multi-cultural spoken word artist,  was just announced to be a finalist in TWO categories of the New England Urban Music Awards: Best Spoken Word Artist and Best Album/Single. After years of struggle, her patience has finally paid off.  Wish her luck as we prepare to find out the results April 25.


My Guilty Pleasure…

Okay! Okay! You caught me. I LOVE Gossip Girl. Seriously, it is one of THE BEST shows out there. Why you may ask? Well, I couldn’t speak for you , but for ME its the fashion, drama, and super hot characters. I mean, look at them aren’t they dreamy? This is Sex and the City for teens (and aging cougars). But thats not the best part about Gossip Girl…



The best part is that it is set in New York City. Since I love New York City and lived there for a brief period during college, I enjoy seeing new hot spots and old hang outs. I get a bit nostalgic every now and then for New York and this show helps me to soothe the need to hop on a plane and go back.  So check it out. Gossip Girl isn’t just for tweens guys, it’s for aging club rats and New York City lovers (and potential lovers) as well!

Funny Asian Americans

I love Bobby Lee — he embraces Asian American stereotypes and pokes fun at those people who create them by making jokes out of them.

Vintage Katana

I’ve heard that watching a poet perform is amazing. Watching a poet in action can show their passion. Watching Katana on stage is more than just a show of passion, it is a blend of intelligence and reason. Her blade slick words will cut through your neat little world and take you to places you’ve never been before. The quality could be better, but here’s a bit of vintage Katana for you fans out there.